He was born in September 20th, 1965, Trabzon-Caykara. His passion of writing, started in his high school years, revealed itself as a story book named “Masters of Samiram”, published in 2004. Following this, his second and third books were published named “Black Sea was Always Grey” (2006) and “The People Smells like the Earth” (2008). After giving a break to writing, he started his cinema career as a script writer and director through documentary films; some of which are: “Jade Horses” (2009), “ISMMMO” (2010), “TRT (Turkish National Channel): A Walkabout in History” (2011), “Old Of Medrasas” (2012), “The Colors Knitted: Loin Clothe” (2013). He is also one of the producers of the “Pandora’s Box” (2009). Lastly, he wrote and directed his first feature film named “As the Swallows Got Thirsty” in 2014. Besides, he has many articles on culture-arts for the various magazines and newspapers.