Murat who lives in a mountain village in the Black Sea region, takes photos and shoots documentary films. The days pass in serenity; Murat tells mysterious stories to his nephew Burak about swallows walking on the mountains and cliffs. Inspired from his uncle, Burak starts to make nests for the swallows that lives in his dream world. On the other hand, Murat has some problems with himself. While his mind is uncertain about leaving or not leaving the town for the big city, an interesting man from the big city arrives the plateau. This man, Harun is the person who left the village years ago. In a short while, they become close friends with each other.

While everything is going well for Murat, one morning he takes a phone call and learns that the officers of the HEPP construction company with the police, once again, come to the village to start the HEPP construction. Murat and the other villagers immediately run to the construction site. After the end of tense wait, the villagers, having no fear, stand up against to the HEPP officers. As a result of this determined resistance, one more time, the HEPP officers who take the police on their backs are pushed back from the village.